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Amazon Smile


AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support WCTV every time you shop, at no cost to you!

  • Simply go to
  • On your first visit, select WCTV as your charitable organization.
  • Every eligible purchase will result in a  donation to WCTV from AmazonSmile.

Bulletin Board

Whitewater Community Television provides informational bulletin boards which run between regularly scheduled programs:

  • Government bodies will have their meeting times, dates and locations on WGTV, Channel 11
  • Educational institutions announcements will be placed on WETV, Channel 20
  • Local not-for-profit organization meetings and events are shown on WCTV, Channel 21

You may visit this page or download this page (pdf) on which to submit your announcement.

Financial Assistance


Sometimes a producer can recover costs through grants from foundations, organizations or individuals.


The WCTV underwriting policy will allow individuals and businesses to be solicited to underwrite the general operational costs of WCTV. For an annual fee, underwriters will be identified with an on-screen acknowledgement that will be a part of the 24-hour program community board/event calendars that appears on channels 11, 20 and 21 while programs are not running. Underwriting will be for a 12-month (365-day) period. The on-screen acknowledgement will include: the underwriter’s name, address, phone number, and one-line message or product/service description. PROGRAM OR SERIES


All monetary underwriting (contributions and grants) sought by individual program or series producers must go through WCTV in a formal, contractual way. Producers seeking underwriting are to state their intentions prior to production approval and to clear all requests and materials through the WCTV General Manager. Soliciting present or previous WCTV underwriters is prohibited. Individual program underwriting is designated a lower organizational priority than WCTV organizational underwriting.

Donate Using Paypal – No account required.

WCTV membership is open to all individuals, organizations and businesses. All members have voting privileges at the annual membership meeting.  Memberships are good for one calendar year.

You MUST be a member to produce programs using WCTV equipment and facilities. Membership benefits for students, individuals and family’s include a WCTV discount card.

Look under the membership tab above for details on membership costs and benefits.