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Bulletin Board

Whitewater Community Television provides informational bulletin boards which run between regularly scheduled programs:

  • Government bodies will have their meeting times, dates and locations on WGTV, Channel 11
  • Educational institutions announcements will be placed on WETV, Channel 20
  • Local not-for-profit organization meetings and events are shown on WCTV, Channel 21

You may visit this page or download this page (pdf) on which to submit your announcement.



All producers are required to meet with the General Manager or Production Manager prior to the production and scheduling of any new programming.


Presentation of materials designed to promote the sale or exchange of a good or service is prohibited on WCTV. In regards to all other materials, it is the policy of WCTV not to preview such material for the purpose of censorship. WCTV shall not act as a censor to such materials prior to transmission on the access channels. However, presentation of the following materials on the access channels is specifically not authorized by WCTV, and may subject the producer or other responsible party (or parties) to criminal prosecution or civil liability:

  • Any advertising material designed to promote the sale of commercial products or services
  • Any obscene or indecent material
  • Use of unauthorized copyrighted material
  • Material that defames any racial, ethnic, sexual, age or religious group
  • Any avocation of violence or fighting words which are designed to invoke violence
  • Noncompliance with applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations.
  • Any slanderous or libelous materials
  • Any deliberate misinformation which may result in harm to any Individuals
  • Any advertisement of or information concerning any lottery, gift enterprise, or scheme offering prizes dependent in whole or in part on chance

A disclaimer shall be contained at the beginning and/or end of each program stating: “The views and comments expressed on this program are those of the producers and not those of WCTV.”
Videotaped programs must be submitted to WCTV at least seven (7) days in advance of their scheduled cablecast. Content outlines and/or scripts for proposed “live” programming must be provided to WCTV staff at least fourteen (14) days in advance of scheduled cablecast.


WCTV staff will notify producers of the nature of all viewer complaints. Viewers wishing to file a formal complaint may do so in writing on the form provided by WCTV for this purpose. Viewer Complaints forms and a description of the complaint process are available at WCTV upon request. All formal, written complaints will be presented to the Board of Directors for review unless resolution of the complaint can be accomplished to the satisfaction of all parties at an earlier stage in the process. Programming cannot and will not be pulled without express permission of the producer and/or Board of Directors.


All users must submit, sign and complete an Application for Presentation form which shall include their name, address, phone number, program description, requested day, date and time, as well as a statement of compliance with the rules and procedures set forth in this document. These requests must be submitted in person. No scheduling can be done via telephone. Requests for channel time will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Users will be notified only if there is a time conflict and the channel time is not available.


Programs produced through the facility by WCTV members or directly produced by individuals or organizations through other area production facilities may be scheduled for cablecast on WCTVís channel a maximum of four times. WCTV reserves the right to schedule the program an additional four times. A minimum of 50% program content must be locally produced. WCTV reserves the right to waive these restrictions on a case by case basis.


All programming not produced in Wayne County must be sponsored by a Wayne County individual or organization. WCTV reserves the right to schedule imported programs in available time slots and may schedule additional times on the access channel. All imported programs must contain opening and closing credits including the name and a means of contacting the local individual or organization sponsoring the program.

LIVE PROGRAMMING – WCTV reserves the right to preempt any program for the presentation of a Special Live production. In such cases, WCTV will reschedule the preempted program and notify the producer or sponsor of the scheduling change.


Regularly produced, local series may occupy two regularly scheduled time slots per week. Regularly scheduled time slots may be reserved in locks of 20 or 60 minutes (29:30 or 59:30) on a six month basis. Programs must be delivered to WCTVís programming manager in a consistent and timely fashion. Failure to provide new programming two weeks in a row may result in the loss of the regularly scheduled time slot.


Contact WCTV staff at 765-973-8488 or e-mail us your questions at: wctv.iue.


Underwriting of programming produced with WCTV equipment is permitted based on the following limitations and criteria:

  • Producers may not solicit any monetary support for the production of any access program except through a legitimate grant giving organization unless the Producer has explicit permission of WCTV.
  • Producers on their own behalf, may solicit “in kind” contributions such as food, set materials and other equipment necessary for the production of their program in return for underwriting credit.

Underwriting credit shall be limited to the following:

  • The visual and/or audio presentation of the name and logo of the underwriter during the beginning and ending credits of the program only.
  • A maximum of 10 seconds is permitted for identification of an underwriter.
  • A maximum of five (5) underwriters may support any given program or series of programs.
  • Any commercial statement or mention of a product, service or any other activity by which the underwriter might generate a profit is prohibited.
  • The specific address and phone number is permitted only for underwriters of not-for-profit status.
  • Identification of the city and state where the underwriter is located is permitted in all cases.
  • Any deliberate presentation or emphasis on any visual sign, banner, logo or other item identifying the underwriter other than in the opening and closing credits of the program is prohibited.
  • Producers violating the underwriting guidelines set forth herein will be denied access to WCTV equipment thereafter.

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WCTV membership is open to all individuals, organizations and businesses. All members have voting privileges at the annual membership meeting.  Memberships are good for one calendar year.

You MUST be a member to produce programs using WCTV equipment and facilities. Membership benefits for students, individuals and family’s include a WCTV discount card.

Look under the membership tab above for details on membership costs and benefits.