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AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support WCTV every time you shop, at no cost to you!

  • Simply go to
  • On your first visit, select WCTV as your charitable organization.
  • Every eligible purchase will result in a  donation to WCTV from AmazonSmile.

Bulletin Board

Whitewater Community Television provides informational bulletin boards which run between regularly scheduled programs:

  • Government bodies will have their meeting times, dates and locations on WGTV, Channel 11
  • Educational institutions announcements will be placed on WETV, Channel 20
  • Local not-for-profit organization meetings and events are shown on WCTV, Channel 21

You may visit this page or download this page (pdf) on which to submit your announcement.

Series Rules


A series is a group of programs with a similar theme or idea. To be eligible to produce a monthly series, you must have produced at least three programs and scheduled them for cablecasting. To be eligible to produce a twice-a-month series, you must have produced at least six programs and scheduled them for cablecasting. To produce a weekly series you must have completed two previous monthly or twice-a-month series contract. (Exceptions may be made, at the discretion of the Production Director.) These programs must have been produced in the same format in which you plan to produce the series.

All series producers sign a contract with WCTV agreeing to produce a specific number of programs for cablecasting on specific dates. If you fail to produce and provide for cablecast, four programs for a weekly series, two programs for a twice-a-month series, or one for a monthly series, the series contract will be canceled. If you produce programs outside of those you agreed to in your contract without a variance, you will be in violation of the contract. Any contract violation may be grounds for canceling a series. If your series is canceled for any reason, you will not be granted another series contract without the permission of the General Manager.

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WCTV membership is open to all individuals, organizations and businesses. All members have voting privileges at the annual membership meeting.  Memberships are good for one calendar year.

You MUST be a member to produce programs using WCTV equipment and facilities. Membership benefits for students, individuals and family’s include a WCTV discount card.

Look under the membership tab above for details on membership costs and benefits.