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AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support WCTV every time you shop, at no cost to you!

  • Simply go to
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Bulletin Board

Whitewater Community Television provides informational bulletin boards which run between regularly scheduled programs:

  • Government bodies will have their meeting times, dates and locations on WGTV, Channel 11
  • Educational institutions announcements will be placed on WETV, Channel 20
  • Local not-for-profit organization meetings and events are shown on WCTV, Channel 21

You may visit this page or download this page (pdf) on which to submit your announcement.

Video Tape


The access user retains all copyrights to the program content regardless of whether the user or WCTV provides the tape stock. However, when the user is using WCTV tape stock, the videotape itself is the property of WCTV. In the event a user desires to keep the program, arrangements must be made to replace the tape with new identical tape stock or have a copy made.


Users may not use WCTV equipment to make free copies of their programs. Individuals who would like copies of their programs may produce the program on their own tape initially, record the program off the cable system when it airs or request a dub from WCTV for this service. Dubs may be requested for completed programs only and only after they have been scheduled for airing on the access channel. Copies of raw footage are not permitted. WCTV reserves the right to provide copies upon request, to the general public of all programming produced through WCTV production facilities unless permission to do sois specifically denied in writing by the producer.


The user shall be financially responsible for loss or damage to videotapes while in their possession. Users are not responsible for normal wear and tear or damage due to malfunctioning WCTV equipment.

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btn_donatecc_lgWCTV membership is open to all individuals, organizations and businesses. All members have voting privileges at the annual membership meeting.  Memberships are good for one calendar year.

You MUST be a member to produce programs using WCTV equipment and facilities. Membership benefits for students, individuals and family’s include a WCTV discount card.

Look under the membership tab above for details on membership costs and benefits.