About WCTV
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Ryan Harris WCTV


We believe that quality public access television is crucial to the free exchange of information and ideas necessary for a dynamic, growing and learning community.


WCTV will serve Wayne County with news, event coverage and educational and entertainment programming. Through strong links with the community, WCTV will provide professional, efficient, quality service to its viewers.


In addition to Bringing the Community to the Community, the goals of WCTV are:

  • To strengthen the fabric of our community life by enabling open communication
  • To provide quality access television, which is crucial to the free exchange of information and ideas necessary for a growing and learning community
  • Through optimal use of our programming, reflect the diversity and interests of the Wayne County Community and its residents


Founded in 1988, Whitewater Community Television (WCTV) serves to provide public, education and government (PEG) access television for the residents of Wayne County, Indiana.


WCTV is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and operates three channels on the local Comcast cable system – Public Access Channel 21, Educational Access Channel 20 and Government Access Channel 11. Through strong links with the community, WCTV provides quality, professional and efficient media services to its viewers.

Annual Production Report

Click to read the Annual Production Report. The report covers statistics for the year, current board members and the mission for WCTV.



What is PEG Access?

PEG stands for Public, Education and Government Access Television. Pursuant to Section 611 of the Federal Communications Act, local franchising authorities may require cable operators to set aside channels for public, education, or government (PEG) use.


Public Access: The availability of television or radio broadcast facilities, as provided by law, for use by the public for presentation of programs, as those of community interest. (American Heritage Dictionary)


Public Access channels are available for use by the general public. WCTV is committed to provide a vehicle for the airing of locally produced programming, created by a diverse variety of individuals, groups, and organizations within our community. This programming is non-commercial in nature, and the producer has full creative and editorial control. In the production and airing of this programming, WCTV makes channel access, a full range of equipment, facilities, and expertise available to all segments of our richly diverse community. WCTV may not exercise editorial control except over unprotected speech or obscenity.


Educational Access channels are used for productions designed to educate the public. WCTV administers Channel 20 to allow the airing of programming produced by WCTV staff, as well as faculty, staff or students of community educational institutions. WCTV also downlinks satellite programming of educational value. Other programs on this channel include activities of schools or colleges, fully televised courses of instruction, and other programs of educational value to the community.


Government Access channels are used for government-related programming. WCTV provides gavel-to-gavel coverage of more than 20 government meetings per month, including Richmond Common Council, Wayne County Council, Board of Public Works and Safety, Richmond Power and Light Board, Richmond Sanitary District Board, Human Rights Commission, Richmond Plan Commission, and Richmond Board of Zoning Appeals. WCTV staff produce shows about government, including City Connections and County Connections. Election returns are aired live and public debates are broadcast.


Because Wayne County does not have a commercial television station, Whitewater Community Television serves as an outlet for information and education. WCTV works in conjunction with other media, universities and county governments to provide the best information possible to the residents of Wayne County.


The Board of Directors for Whitewater Community Television is a group of private citizens, elected by the membership, who oversee the operation and administration of PEG access in the communities served by WCTV.


The WCTV staff performs  many tasks at the station and in the community. They share a passion to provide high quality, professional and efficient media services to their viewers.

“WCTV is… for the Community, by the Community”